Vol. 2 (2) September 2022


  1. Cretaceous Biostratigraphy of Outcrop Sections in The Ifon-Auchi Area of the Benin Flank, Southwestern Nigeria Sedimentary Basin. By E.J. Ighodaro And P. N. Komolafe Pages 1 – 20 Download PDF Document
  1. Prevalence and Molecular Characterisation of Laribacter Hongkongensis from Environmental Water Sources in Oghara Nexus. By B. E. Igere, J.P. Ebhonu and J. I. Okinedo. Pages 21 – 30 Download PDF Document
  1. EAn Empirical Assessment of the Impact of Charcoal Production On Degradation of Forest Ecosystem in Delta State, Nigeria. By J. L. Igben, C. A. Ihayere and S. M. Awani. Pages 31 – 41 Download PDF Document
  1. Along-fault Movement of Fluids in The Diapiric Province of the Niger Delta Basin: A Case Study of the LL# Well, Lulu North Field. By K.O. Ejairu Pages 42 – 46 Download PDF Document
  1. Antioxidant Prospects of Three African Ethnomedicinal Spices. By U. F. Evuen and N. P. Okolie Pages 47 – 62 Download PDF Document
  1. Field and Sedimentological Studies of the Ajali Sandstone from A Road-Cut Along Fugar-Agenebode Expressway, Edo State, Southern Nigeria; Implications for Maturity, Facies and Paleodepositional Environment By K.O. Ejairu and M.E. Okiotor Pages 63 – 70 Download PDF Document
  2. Seasonal Analysis Of Heavy Metals In Periwinkle (Tympanotonus fuscatus) Along Forcados River: A Factor Of Marine Pollution In Delta State, Nigeria.By S. M. Awani and J. L. Igben Pages 71 – 82 Download PDF Document
  1. Assessment of Groundwater Potential Using Geoelectric Method in Western Delta University Premises, Niger Delta, Nigeria By O. Uchegbulam, R. Opeh, and D. Ogueh Pages 83 – 91 Download PDF Document
  1. Impact of Organic Waste On Water Quality and Growth of African Catfish (Clarias garienpinus) In Freshwater Aquaculture. By. O. Etaghene and U. F. Evuen Pages 92 – 102 Download PDF Document